We Love The Moorlands is delighted to announce the inaugural Three Town Trail challenge which brings together the towns of Leek, Cheadle and Biddulph.

A route between Leek, Cheadle and Biddulph has been plotted at 39.5 miles and the Challenge is the complete the 39.5 miles within either the month of May or June 2022.
Most will walk, many will jog, some will run, and others may cycle. The choice is entirely yours. You could cover 39.5 miles wherever you chose but why not explore the beauty of the area and familiarise yourself with these 3 Moorlands towns by including a visit to each of them?
For those who like to track their activities online, there is a Community Foundation for Staffordshire Club with a 3 Town Trail Event on Strava where you can track the activity you do, find suggested routes and add photos.
Alternatively, if you want to take the challenge at a more leisurely pace over the month and maybe involve the family, then the Trail Information email will include suggested routes and a table with combinations of routes which could be used to make up the 39.5 miles, or for younger children a half route of 20 miles.
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