As Brexit draws closer there are many EU citizens and their employers who are worried about their future in the UK after the 29th of March.

The original £65 settled status fee for over 16’s and £32.50 for under 16’s was met with distaste from the public and warranted as ‘unjustified’. Since then Theresa May has decided to scrap the fee. The move comes after campaigns for the government to pay the fee for public sector employees after several private sector employers committed to do so for their staff.

The government has launched a smartphone app through which applicants can upload documents, answer questions and submit photographs.

However, Tanja Bueltmann Faculty Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor at Northumbria University said “The waiving of the fee, while welcome, does not change anything about the serious issues settled status still presents, nor does it take away the problem that lies at its very core: that it is based on an application.”

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